5 Things You Should Do After Your First Period

Puberty is the time when your body undergoes changes to become more like a grown up person like your mom and dad. Starting of menstrual period is one of the changes that happens when you are 12 years or older. The menstrual cycle causes change your daily life as a teenager. But doing these 5 things can make your life easier save you from the stress.
1. Talk to your parents
Many girls feel shy or even embarrassed to tell their parents about periods. It is a normal behavior, but it is worth sharing. If you open up to your mom or dad about the changes you are going through, they can help take care of yourself better as they have themselves been through the same situation. Moreover, there are very few people other than your parents that you can speak to about this. So tell them right away.
2. Find out the do’s and don’ts
During your period, you may have to avoid a few things or change some habits. This is because your body does not respond towards some activities or foods that it would otherwise. There is a general list of foods that you shouldn’t eat or activities you shouldn’t do during your periods. We have published an article on this topic as well so you can read it later.
3. Learn how to use a tampon
You must have heard about pads or may even have used some, but they are not much effective in holding the blood that comes out of vagina. Unlike pads, tampon is inserted into the vagina. It is made of a soft and absorbent material which proves to be much more efficient than a pad. It can dramatically decrease the spotting. You can easily find guides on the internet to learn how to use tampons.
4. Find alternatives
You may not always have pads or tampons handy. If you get periods when you are out of home, and are afraid that the period will stain your undies or pants, you can use some tissues to place than in your underwear.
5. Start tracking it
It is a good idea to track the dates of your periods if you want to be prepared. If you mark the starting and ending dates of your periods, you may start noticing a pattern in how they occur. Usually, periods occur with an internal of 21 to 45 days. It varies person to person. Keeping a track of periods can help you predict when you will get the next period.
If you want to know more about menstrual cycle, read more artivles.

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