Why Do I Have Brown Discharge Instead of Periods?

You must be thinking, “Why do I have Brown Discharge Instead of Periods?”. Well, there is an explanation for that, and its nothing to be worried about. It’s same as normal periods except the color. Having brown discharge instead of periods can be normal as long as it’s not followed by other conditions or symptoms. So, first thing for you is to relax while we uncover the reasons.

Brown Discharge Instead of Periods

The color of vaginal discharge or periods varies from person to person. It’s not same for everyone and heavily depends on hormones. Here are some reasons that may be causing brown discharge.
This is the main and most probable reason why you have brown discharge. We know that vaginal discharge is mostly blood, and blood contains a red blood cells which has oxygen transporting protein called “Hemoglobin”. Hemoglobin used iron to bind oxygen molecules absorbed by the lungs and transports it to our organs and tissues. This contact between iron and oxygen gives blood the red color. When blood is discharged during menstruation, the oxygen in air reacts with iron to for iron oxide. This is a different type of interaction that what happens inside the body. In simple words, the discharge rusts and thus, becomes brownish red in color.
Discoloration of vaginal discharge may also be due to other reasons. If your periods were delayed because of hormonal changes or medication, you may experience brown period. Though, it is temporary and goes after a few weeks.

Perimenopause is another cause of brown period. Perimenopause is the phase when your body is transitioning into menopause. If you are aged between 45 and 55, you are likely to experience this. It is also important to know that some women may go into menopause in their 30s. If this is the case with you, your doctor should be able to diagnose it through tests. Perimenopause is the body’s transition to lower estrogen levels. This transition occurs very slowly and continues until menopause. Low level of estrogen is linked with late periods
Anything that affects the hormone levels is likely to cause a delay in periods which may lead to dark brown discharge. And birth control pills are also on the list. Some women take birth control pills to help reduce acne, this causes a shift in the menstruation cycle and causes brown periods which leaves them baffled or scared.
Least, but most probable reason of brown periods is implantation bleeding. If you have had unprotected sex recently and have successfully conceived, you may get brown discharge instead of periods.
What are you experiencing exactly? Have you noticed any of the conditions mentioned above? Feel free to share your story with us as it may help thousands of women looking for answers.